Zoom Date: Wine Night

Ah, the horrors of Zoom dating! Of video calling someone who you aren’t intimately familiar with. I’ve always abhorred calling people who are not close friends because of my anxiety over the dreaded awkward pauses, the gaps in silence that seem to stretch on for eternity, eternally dooming the budding friendship. Okay, I’m unnecessarily extrapolatingContinue reading “Zoom Date: Wine Night”


Woke up this morning to a lovely text chain in my family’s group chat: My family doesn’t know anything about my sexuality and after seeing this text, I definitely am going to keep it that way. I always knew my parents wouldn’t be accepting if their kids were queer, but I’ve always assumed that afterContinue reading “11.15.20”

get caught up with me!!

I go to a small liberal arts college in the Northeast. It’s beautiful, bucolic. Especially in the fall, it’s wonderful to see the gold-tinged leaves, the trees that look like they’re on fire, the clear, gradient sunsets. Here, in this hermetic campus, I feel mostly safe, I don’t feel like I need to hide myContinue reading “get caught up with me!!”

so about S…

S was a late-comer to my literature course, and I, being the naturally hostile person I am, automatically have an antagonistic grudge against newcomers. She was quiet during the first class she attended, still getting caught up with 2 weeks worth of reading. But by the second class, she was competing against the best ofContinue reading “so about S…”

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